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Ban Appeal [Format]

on Thu Feb 26, 2015 11:28 pm
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Ban Appeals

Q: What should I include/mention in my Ban appeal?
A: You can include the ban reason, Date/time, Modification you used, Why did you use them.

Q: When will I get unbanned?
A: It depends on the situation, Modification, Reason. Simply it will take 1 week if it's temporary ban.

Q: Why i am temporarily Banned?
A: You could be temporary banned because of using illegal modifications like Cleo's including nametags, aimbot.

Q: Why i am Permanently Banned?
A: The permanent ban consists of serious matters. Including Exploitation, Repetition of illegal modifications, Selling Server stuff for real money, Money Farming.

Q: What will happen if i was banned due to bug?
A: Before moving further, logs are being checked. If it's due to bug, You will be unbanned on the sight. Unless it will be moved to next stage.

Q: I don't know why and who banned me?
A: Although logs are checked before moving to next stage, Admin name and reason will be posted shortly by Ban appeal management.

Q: Why am I still banned when my ban time is up?
A.: You must submit a new ban appeal on your unban date to get unbanned.


   Any inappropriate behavior in ban appeal will not be tolerated and can be taken seriously.
   You have no right to insult any administration or community, You may get warning and punishment if it's against rules.
   You are not allowed to post appeal for someone, Maybe he is your friend or brother or sister.
   You are not allowed to Ban evade, Creating new account once you are banned. That will result in perma ban.
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