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Trinity Roleplay | Rules & Regulations

on Sat Sep 24, 2016 2:53 am
General Rules

1. Death-matching, abbreviated as DM, is when a player kills another for a non-valid In-character reason, we take this rule as a very serious offense and may be punishable by a ban.
First Offense: Warning + Prison (10 Minutes)
Second Offense: Warning + 5% Fine + Prison (15 minutes)
Third Offense: Warning + Prison (30 Minutes) + 10% Fine
Fourth Offense Warning + Prison (60 Minutes)
Fifth Offense: Ban from main server (Automatically)

2. Power-gaming, is doing something that is impossible in real life, such as pretending to be god. This rule is only in affect if the player(s) are role-playing.
First & Second Offense: Warning.
Third Offense: Five minutes prison.
3. Meta-gaming, is mixing in-character with out of character, such as telling someone 'I have a mercedes in real life'. There are proper commands to talk out of character (such as /b, /g).
Meta-gaming is not punishable for regular chats, unless used in providing IC information OOCly, such as telling someone their friend is a hitman, such offences are not tolerated and will result in a warning + prison (15 minutes).

4. Car Parking & Heli-blading, pretty much self explanatory.
First Offense: Warning.
Second Offense: Slap + Warning + Kick from server.
Fourth Offense: Ban for 1 day.

5 . Logging to avoid. Disconnecting, pausing to avoid arrest, death, or any other in-character event, may be heavily punishable.
First Offense: Prison for 30 minutes + warning.
Second Offense: Prison for 45 minutes + warning.
Third Offense: Ban for 1 day.

6. C-Bugging, C-Sliding or any other game exploits
First Offense: Warning
Second Offense: Prison 5 minutes.
Third Offense: 15 percent fine

7. Third party modifications, hacks, and cheats. Any type of modification or cheat that gives you advantage over other players is strictly not allowed.
First offense: Ban for 1-7 day(s).
Second offense: Ban for 1-2 week(s).
Third offense: Ban from 1 month and up to a year
Faction Rules

1. Factions may not attend turfs after XX:25.
Verbal Warning + Teleport to LS.
Removal from faction.
3 months faction ban.
2. Factions may not team up with gangs.
Removal from faction
1 month faction ban.
3. Factions may not use their tazer for pleasure, and or any non-related reasons.
Removal from faction
4. Factions may not use their commands for corruption purposes. for example, using /cuff to kidnap someone
Removal from faction
1 month ban from faction
Permanant removal from faction

Gang Rules

1. Gang leaders may not kill players for not joining their gang.
Will be punished as DM + strike + removal.
2. Gang members are not allowed to mass recruit, such as inviting someone during a turf or without any roleplay, (e.g /invite random players).
Strike + Removal.
3. Gangs may not form alliances for turfs (every gang has to attend with the intention of capping)
Strike + Removal
4. Gang members may not either wage wars or form alliances with factions.
Strike + Removal
5. Gang members may not attend a turf if there is no R5+ online.
Strike + Removal
6. Gang members may not attend a turf if an R5 is online but not present
Strike + Removal

To be updated very soon, this not the full list of rules.

* Bans are not automatically removed after the duration of time, but can be appealed.
* People banned for 3 warning, may be banned for up to 4 weeks, depending on severity.
* Gang strike will only be given if a leader (r5+) or atleast 4 members break a gang rule.

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Re: Trinity Roleplay | Rules & Regulations

on Tue Apr 24, 2018 12:03 am
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