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 Trinity Roleplay | FAQ

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PostSubject: Trinity Roleplay | FAQ   Sat Sep 24, 2016 3:27 am

Q1. Can I become an administrator?
Ans: Ofcourse, everyone can be an administrator. However you must be known and active in the server.

Q2. How are admins selected?
Ans: Admins are handpicked by the server management, usually members of the helper team would have the upper-hand to be admin.

Q3. How to be an helper?
Ans: Very simple, help out on /newb.

Q4. How to join a faction?
Ans: Usually faction leaders would lay out a recruitment system (available in appropriate sections)

Q5. How to join a gang?
Ans: This is entirely up to the gang leader(s), they may select you for whatever reason.

Q6. How to be a donater?
Ans: You may donate for it, or win it in very special events.

Q7. How to have a house, business, etc.
Ans: Either donate for it, or buy it from a player.

Q8. Can I scam?
Ans: Yes, anyone above level 5 may be scammed of amounts up to $100,000.

Q9. What level I must be to scam?
Ans: Level 5.

Q10. Where is the command list?
Ans: Type /help ingame.

Q11. Is your script stolen, etc.
Ans: No. everything has been developed by Xav, and previous owners.

Q12. Why is the X faction closed?
Ans: It's for the best.

More to be added!
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Trinity Roleplay | FAQ
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