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Official Gang Rules

on Tue Apr 24, 2018 3:17 am

Our mission statement to you...
Trinity Roleplay is and Always be a community, Where all players will enjoy a wonderful gaming experience. We have and will dedicate our precious time to the community. All the players are equal in the front of TRP Law, Wheather it's Admin or Management himself. We are looking for quality, Not for quantity. We are looking for Skills, Not for money. We aren't believing in the Past or Future, It's the Present time which is going on and none had seen future. Watch a trailer for one time and we will show you the whole movie here.
The community is being recognised as an Trinity RP since 2018, Founded by Sylvester Faulker. The reason behind choosing this word is, Creating a Successful community where all players will get a chance which a staff member had got. We believe in a truth, We won't let your hopes die. Therefore, #TrinityRoleplay4EVER


All gangs have been removed, and all turfs have been disabled (Temporarily)
All Gang/factions complaints have been removed.
Everything related to gangs (applications, stories....) have been removed.

If you need to make a gang, you need to follow these steps:
Gang Leader Requirements:

- Gang leader must be well known and respected player.
- Gang leader and Co Leader must be at least level 3 or above.
- Gang leader must not be a rule breaker.
- Gang leader must know English language.
- Gang leader must be a civilian when they post gang application.
- Gang leader must have 100,000$ to pay the fees of creating gang.
- Gang leader must write at least 200 words for his background story.

Gang Application Requirements:
- Gang members must be active before posting a gang application.
- Gang members must be at least level 2 or above.
- Gang members must do roleplay and post their screenshot in the gang application.
- Applicant must add at least 6 members in the gang application.
- Application must be unique and with no grammatical errors.
- Applicant can't post past gang application which was accepted or declined.
- Application Story shouldn't be look alike as Law enforcement.
- In Application you can't post same rank/crew names as any faction division/rank names.
- You must reply gracefully on your application to your supporters and opponents.
- You must post your gang HQ and Location screenshot.
- You can't get more than 8 vehicles for a gang.
- You can't apply for the bandana if someone already owns it.
- Your gang story must match with your gang rank names.
- All of the gang members must not play in any faction or gang before your application approves or disapproves.

All you need for a Gang Application:
1. Unique Gang Story
2. Gang Bandana
3. Gang Skins
4. 8x Vehicles screenshots or IDs
5. At least 6x Gang members
6. 100,000$ Cash.
7. A Decent Location for Gang HQ.
8. Gang Roleplay Pictures.

Original post made by @Sylvester


Only R6/R5 are allowed to interfere in Forum Complaints, If Any Gang member who isn't involved in the complaint is interfering in between will be punished from the website. (Include users)

In-Game Rules

Gang adjustment
Gang theme change, Bandana colour change, Vehicles Change, Skins Change will cost the defined amount.
Gang theme change - $25,000 IN GAME MONEY.
Skins Change - $2,500 IN GAME MONEY. (per skin)
Bandana colour change - $10,000 IN GAME MONEY.
Vehicles change - $7,000 IN GAME MONEY. (per vehicle)
Gang name change - $15,000 IN GAME MONEY.
Dynamic door (interior) change - $60,000 IN GAME MONEY.
Dynamic door (exterior) change - $55,000 IN GAME MONEY.
Dynamic door (VehicleAble - interior) change - $200,000 IN GAME MONEY.
Dynamic door (VehicleAble - exterior) change - $200,000 IN GAME MONEY.
Dynamic door (VehicleAble) - $350,000 IN GAME MONEY.

You are not allowed to attend turf if you don't have high command(s) (R5/R6)​


 1.  Prison (20 minutes).
 2.  Prison (30 minutes) + Gang Strike.

You must always wear a bandana before attending turf.

Punishment (R1>R4)

 1.  Prison (20 minutes).
  2. Prison (30 minutes) + Gang Strike.

Punishment (R5>R6)

   1. Prison (45 minutes) + Gang Strike.
   2. Gang Removal.

You must always wear your gang skin.

Punishment: (R1 > R4)

  1.  Verbal Warning.
  2.  Prison (20 minutes) + Gang Strike.

Punishment: (R5/R6)

  1.  Prison (45 minutes) + Gang Strike.
  2. Prison (60 minutes) + Gang Strike.

You can snipe into the turf boundaries as long as you have members inside the turf boundaries.​


 1.  Prison (20 minutes).
 2.  Prison (30 minutes) + Gang Strike.

You are not allowed to drive-by inside turf boundaries.​


  1. Verbal Warning.
  2. Prison (15 minutes).

   You are not allowed to ally with any faction.​


   Verbal Warning.
   Gang Strike.
   Gang Removal.

   You can only shoot at the members in the turf area at XX:45​


   Verbal Warning.
   Prison (20 minutes) + Gang Strike.

You are not allowed to double-cap while another turf is active, opposite must do it.


 1.  Prison (30 minutes) + Turf adjustment.
 2. Prison (35 minutes) + Gang Strike + Turf adjustment.

   You are allowed to attend in a turf alone.

   You must always role play before inviting someone to your gang.

   You can only invite before XX:45.


  1. Verbal Warning.
  2. Member removal + Gang Strike.

You're not allowed to invite more than 15 members in your gang.


  1. Verbal Warning. (Removal Random members)
  2. Random Members removal (to 15 players) + Gang Strike

A gang leader can not sell his slot (gang) for I-G (IG) money or In-Real-Life (IRL) money.


  1. Account Ban (1 month) + Gang Removal.
  2. Permanent Ban.

    A Gang leader will be responsible for any rule breaking offence done by R5's/R6's.
    A gang leader shouldn't invite someone immediately, there must put a little RP action.

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