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Server Legal Modification

on Thu Apr 26, 2018 3:11 am
Legal modifications

Legal Cleo's:
Digihp - Shows your hp in numbers.
Anticrash - Patches the game crashes.
HUDfix - Removes the 0's from cash in hand. $0033918 instead it will show $33918
Name street - Shows your location.
Carhp - Shows your vehicle hp in a bar with numbers.
Ammo - Shows you ammunition left.
ToggleHitSound.cs - Makes hit sounds, when hit with a weapon or fist.
Sprintbar - Shows you how much sprint you have left.
Hitsound - A bell rings whenever you hit the opponent.
Damage Informer - Display the damage registered to you and the player.
FPSunlock - Allows you to have more than what SAMP allows
DriveByCam.cs - Drive-by camera mod.
BodyHud.cs - Shows HP, Armor, and Ammo left.
If you have any questions about any kind of modifications, send it down below and we will give you an answer whether it is legal or illegal if you're in doubt.

Server Management
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