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Grove Street Families Application

on Thu May 10, 2018 9:34 am
Grove Street Families
It all started back in 1990’ a group of weakly armed black males met. Their names were Taha, Justin, and Mostafa. The three were
being black, however, they always had the white racist group in their neighborhood, they used to get them down and beat them in groups. The three
always tried to fight for their equality and pride, but could not, as they were outnumbered. At one shiny day, the three decided to quit their jobs and
get into the criminal life. With the help of Justin, who had connections in the Grove Street ammunition, they managed to get ahold of a few light guns.

                         At the same day, they robbed a 24/7 store at the Western side of the city, at Temple. After succeeding the robbery, the three wanted to go for
something bigger. The three started their own gang called Grove Street Families, began constantly living the criminal life while getting themselves a
bunch of street roamers to help out. All they wanted was respect and reputation around the city to become one of the biggest notorious gang group.
At the age of 20, the three guys decided to fight the group of white people that made them get into the criminal life, in the 1990’s. They were not smart
enough to assign their buddies for the task, therefore were caught killing 4 civilians from their neighborhood and put behind bars, it all went downhill
for the three guys and they started to think differently, they wanted to start their gang inside bars and take over the jail by recruiting new souljas, Taha
s the leader and the intelligent man while Mostafa is the killer, he shows no mercy, it’s all about killing every nigga stepping over his foot. Justin is the
rain, he got the weaponry ready for his family. The three guys were in jail for 5 years for murder and in 1995 they were out in the free world. The
legacy started, the group started with 3 close friends, that has now reached 50 gang members, it was wild, and everyone was afraid of them. They
                   were running the streets and shit went down, other gang enemies were after Grove Street Families leaders.

In 2000 the whole city was on fire, it was chaos, Grove and Ballas were the biggest enemies in the country, hundreds of innocent people were shot in
driveby’s, it was an unstoppable war between the two gangs. Taha, Justin, and Mostafa were smart and made sure everything went smooth and they
won the war against Ballas and took over the city, now the only job left was to take control and manage the whole city. The criminal part of the gang
was unable to get exposed as the three were smart enough to cover their backs from the police. They were the movement makers, not accomplishers.

10 years later, the Grove Street was raided by the police. The police searched every single building, furniture object, walls, gardens. The raid was
unexpected, therefore many illegal items were found on the streets. Since then, the Grove Street leaders are considered notorious and most wanted
                                                                         within the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Starting Members:
(Slot Holder) Taha Jarrari
(Co Holder) Justin Thane
Mostafa Pyres
Silento Diablo
Theo Gold
Kane Worzsek
Sakto Bank
John V Lucille


Rank 6 - Shot Caller
Rank 5 - O.G
Rank 4 - Gangster
Rank 3 - Gang
Rank 2 - Shooter
Rank 1 - Member

Sultan +3
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Savana +1


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Re: Grove Street Families Application

on Thu May 10, 2018 10:08 am

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