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Amphibia Corporation

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Amphibia Corporation

                                   Story Behind the corporation

A story as to how we made it to Los Santos, what we were doing previous to announcing publicity for our corporation, what we are currently doing in our corporation, where we are heading for the future.

In the midst of a difficult military exchange between the Ukrainian and Russian border, the creation of the original connections began. 
Asykon, held a strong leading position north of the Special Tactical Units base camp outpost. The unit underwent intensive and extensive tactical military training to ensure the highest level of fitness and military understanding. They were setup to help push the vulgare Russians back to retreatment, in order to restore independence back into the country of Ukraine. 
Posted along trench walls, bonds were created between men to assist with the rough and unstable mental conditions of the soldiers. Making friendships that reminded one another of their homeland.

‘Jävla sovjet jävlar!’

‘What do you mean?’ Antoine replied.
‘Fuck them, they are nothing but scums.’ Asykon yells in reply.

Inching upwards towards the enemy lines, danger fell stronger on the shoulders of the frontline soldiers. Antoine aside, the men took knee to the side of the trench out of the enemy's sights, yet the still holding the Soviets in their scopes. A body falls lying in the dirt, blood dripping a few meters from our previous location. Narrowly scraping out of the line of fire.

‘Skjut han den högra, jag skjuter den till vänster, hör du mig?!’
In reply Antoine brings a confused grin. ‘I don’t understand?’
‘Shoot the man on the right, I’ll take the left, are you with me?!’

The air is silent as you hear the sound of the rifles bot hit the bore of the firearm, the rifle hot and the sight aligned. Both triggers are pulled as the Soviet’s bodies hit their patriotic soil, they had hit their mark but neither men were out of harm's way. But with a sly and subtle retreat at the dawn of the sun, both men had made a small trail back to the moderate safety of the team's base camp. Aside their brief encounter with the brush of death, neither men had ever met. Asykon introduced himself with an unconvincing grin and a firm shake, with the returned greetings of Antoine's acceptance. Over a seemingly rare packet of cigarettes and a glass of brännvin both men made off with a roar of war experiences. 
But as night fell and the

sun rose, the Soviets were moving ever closer. Both assigned mark 1-09A the government attempted to restrict the creation of friendship groups to reduce the torment of ‘Shell Shock’ and the thought of losing someone close. But little did it work as both Asykon and Antoine gently located themselves abroad the crest of easternmost hill within fatal range of their issued Mosin Nagants’. But their ears ringing from the constant round of the crashing shells the faint sound of footsteps could be heard. Tightening the bayonet on the end of the rifle Asykon forced Antoine’s head to the ground covering his mouth. The steps grew closer and as male figure grew close they stood, stumbling yet charging the men out of desperation.

‘Jag dör inte idag, inte idag!’ Asykon screams, eyes closed in fear thrusting at the air.

Out of realization, Antoine tackles Asykon to the ground, covering his mouth in attempt to cover their location. The man walking past was wearing the same uniform as the two of them. Unwielding his bayonet for better accuracy, in shock moderately yells.

‘Who the fuck are you? What are you trying to do?’
‘We are making our way back bearing 280 degrees North Westerly’ The Man replies.
Grabbing the man holding him to the dirt.
‘Don’t fucking move.’ Antoine states firmly.

Bullets whizz aside them landing in the dirt, with a thump. The men grab arms, planting both feet in the dense dirt making their dash for native soil.

‘I am fucking done, home is where I belong’ Asykon screams in frustration. But the government were having none of it. Fighting for their own freedom after willingly enlisting they were granted service leave and the quest home had begun. The duo’s time had been up as a long enlisting of five years. Unwillingly set on a boat to a recovery program to be reintroduced into common population, unwanted friendships were made on the way. A man, Filip had snuck his way into the emotions of the soldiers with a sorrowing story of the tragic death of his parental figures. Enlisting into the war was a way of overcoming his previous experiences with the spontaneous and violent nature of the Soviets. His mother being a reporter for an uncensored documentary team, based in the small european town of Avesta. Early October she had been pushed closer to the action, suited up for the harsh conditions but sadly being blown with a 7.62x51mm russian copper jacket to the upper torso, falling motionlessly to the floor. Her team shedding their emotional tears on the motherly figure, grabbing her hand as she muttered the last words of her children’s names.
‘Filip, Sofia, Jag älskar dig av hela mitt hjärta…’ She muttered as the blood of her once living and vibrant body dripped through the fingers of a murdered mother.

Bloody tears grew larger as they gathered up on the cheeks of the soldiers as they relay the thoughts of loved ones and fallen members through their heads. Parental figures, friendships and relationships and crashing thoughts of flashing memories and mental breakdowns. Their worlds have changed after a bombshell of trauma, and the boat back only provided a handful of time. But standing by Filip and his story is how we stood the rest of the weeks back to Avesta. Unloading in San Andreas into the Army’s program of reintroduction, we served like prisoners in a walled off environment north of Los Santos. Thinking the government would be rewarding us for our efforts, we thought the least of our arrival. Ten O’clock, as the sunrises we gather in a line for a, ‘Efterräkning’ as it was called. They frowned upon the thought of dropping out of service and not assisting the country in a time of need. Taking a knee on the cold surface of the wooden floor, we lined up together for the crack of a whip as it hit the split skin of their bleeding backs. Ten times over for each individual they could only be held for two weeks, on release we couldn’t part after the strong connection of our military bonds. Setting to the streets of Los Santos they made contact with civilians for the first time.

Flashing lights, hot women and the sounds of the police sirens surrounded the minds of the beaten men. With a welfare check of $250 dollars a trip to the local 24/7 was on the agenda. Purchasing a radio and basic supplies to live a few days independently. Time passed slowly but the thoughts of the war and the shell shock experienced lasted a lifetime. Posted on the random frequency, -1599, A voice sounded.
‘Hello? I am lost and alone.’ A foreign voice sounded.
‘ Hallå? Vem är du?’ Asykon stated in reply.
‘I don’t understand? I don’t speak your language?’ The voice said softly in reply.
‘Yes, I do speak english. I am Asykon.’ He replied.
‘Asiikon?, I am Aden. Aden Gambino.’ Aden replied.
‘Great to meet you, happy to have you stick around. Asykon stated in reply.
The four, Asykon, Aden, Filip and Antoine built a friendship from the ground whilst trying to create a living, shuffling around jobs, in and out of government factions. In realization that they are working under another man’s leadership they set out, the four of them to create something they could call their own. Recruiting only considerably loyal members and introducing advanced intercommunication systems into the upgraded sultan, super sports addiction. Growing a community that started with the name ‘Amphibia’ in memory of those fallen, mentally and physically in their family name. It also pays contribution to the loving and caring Mother that Filip could once hold the hand of. Each afternoon as the sun hits its highest peak in the sky, the grown brotherhood gather their belongings and head south-bound to the wharf of Santa Maria Beach. They lay a bouquet of red roses and paint the Sultan SS in the tint of the color of Filip’s mother's favorite flower. Rose Red, a wonderful color.

Thus we gather, twelve O’clock of each evening by the water’s side. And repeat the words to the fallen memory of the soldiers who served, by our side, and for the memory of Gunilla, Filip’s Mamma.

“Så att vi inte glömmer.”

“Lest We Forget.”

Rest in peace Gunilla.
1973 - 1999

“Vi kommer alltid att älska dig”

                            Meeting The Amphibian’s (OOC)
Joining the server back in 2013, being apart of numerous gangs and government factions including but not limited to: LSPD, FBI, FMB and the Army. Having grown a group of friends and developing our understanding of how one another play and respond through teamspeak we became very good friends and ultimately partners in business. The acceptance and creation of the corporation is only a small stepping stone in the vast array of ideas that are built up within our community. But in an acception to other known gangs within the Lawless community, we are trying to generate a stronger roleplaying community. A corporation that has a stronger understanding of how to roleplay in which we are able to set up macros and binds to assist with this goal. This being in mind, the application process or introduction into the corporation is going to be a bit different to that of the typical ‘Drug lord, mexican, latino, street gang. In which there will be a small assessment of roleplaying understanding so that we can get a grasp on how you play. Asides that we are focusing alot on communication and what/how can we create effective communication. This comes with a basis of knowledge and understanding, we are going to try and encourage the use of teamspeak and other means of effectively relaying a message between people.
Otherwise we are most definitely wonderful people to get along with, understand and play alongside. We are able to help you build personal skills and friendships and aren’t pushy when it comes to understanding and personal choices. As for location of current members:
Major names within the family are located namingly in Sweden, this includes all of Asykon, Filip and Antoine. But members expand to all countries of the world including Australia, Indonesia and other European and Asian regions. With combined efforts are able to help grow one another's understanding of other cultures and grow each other's vocabulary within the english language.

Rank 6President 
Rank 5: Vice President 
Rank 4: Foreman 
Rank 3: Business Manager 
Rank 2: Employee 
Rank 1: Associate 

We are proud to encompass a strong belief towards the visual appearance of an individual and thus we dress with an extremely formal code.

We take utmost respect in our appearance and have provided a clothing choice below for any formal duties.

Men's Clothing:
Clothing ID  171
Clothing >>    294
Clothing ID 
Clothing ID 
→ 120
Clothing ID 
Clothing ID 

Women’s Clothing:
Clothing ID  172
Clothing ID 
Clothing ID 

4+ Sultan
 3+ NRG


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