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Young Trap Balla's ll Gang Application ll

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Young Trap Balla' was a clique from Las Colinas, Los Santos since the 1990's that went off solo in the 1990's in 1992, an organization started in the Los Santos area by some Asian, who had formed a cultural bond where they were a minority. At first, the organization was exclusively for Asians. Other Asians came to socialize with this organization. They soon branched out to other San Francisco cities including Central Park, City Hall, Lake Merritt and Old Courthouse Square have reached other states and Asia.

There have two men in a city of Las Colinas, Los Santos. They were named as Flemmi or most known as "Ole". He was born on April 11, 1976, he came from a poor family and keep trying to change everything and get a better future for his family and Rommel Magos as the greatest basketball player of all time. He came from in a successful family. Rommel was born at San Francisco Hospital on January 6, 1979. They met each other in a Restaurant where both of them are exactly there, eating their favorite foods until a guy appeared with a tray of food in an exact time when Rommel stands up and the sender of the food turns his head while walking into Rommel's table. Rommel never noticed a guy coming, therefore, Rommel dropped on the floor as Noriel "Ole" Dan witnessed everything and he directly came to Rommel to help. Afterward, both of them talked each other. Rommel offers Noriel to come at his house. Rommel says, "are you drinking alcoholic?" - Noriel replied, "Yes, I am.". Noriel is walking from Call Center Agency (where he is actually working) to his house, he walked twenty meters already when he suddenly sneaked a side where drops of blood are floating from the ground with a black plastic bag, he is going there slowly to open up the closed plastic bag while he is moving his heartbeat is pumping faster, finally he went and opened the bag, he never knew it at first he looks it like a dead meet of a pork after that his eyes turned around and seen the hairy thing and found it as the cut-headed. He immediately takes his cellphone out of his pocket and calls in an emergency line, police station responds to the said place incident and they confirmed that the thing he has seen is pieces of body person.

Morning, after the worst nightmare. - He went to Rommel's house to have a person who can talk with. Luckily he found Rommel outside of his home and brings Rommel in a bar to drink and forget everything he witnessed last night. While Rommel and Noriel walking in a sidewalk at exact time of 12:00 PM, they have found nobody on the street except for those people whose drunk, those people came into them and asks for money, Noriel said in a meant voice 'We don't even know who you are to give our money to you' - Rommel speaks 'Alright! Just let us with my friend come home peacefully without any trouble. - Noriel takes down Rommel's offering hand and says 'You don't have to do that'. Four drunk men encircled and trapped us, the drunk person speaks loudly 'You'll give your money or I'm gonna punch your faces until nobody can no longer remember you, do you?' - Noriel replied 'Yes, do it and we will see. They started the fight, they don't know Noriel is well-trained in Kung Fu, four men at their back and sides tried to take and zip them in but Noriel escaped and two men down by his special technique but one of them has a gun and he left Rommel inside them they did not know that Noriel's houses friends is too nearby, Noriel asked for a help to their friends and his friends takes their weapons out and immediately went back to the place where and faithfully they are still there but gunman aims at Rommel's head when he saw Noriel coming with his battalion. Noriel thinks and secretly gone away and went to Gunman's back and steals the gun away and rotates the head which caused his final death. It's final crime of Noriel O Dan until his friends' requests to rebuild up again the old legal association. Noriel listened to them and they rebuilt their organization as Young Trap Balla' with different type of member they recruit people from different country who can be used for best tactic of different traffickers, smugglers and other related in money, they used our professional members to make easy and fastest money in one week they made almost greater than one million, they start doing it illegally in everyday life. Afterward, they were known all over the city of Los Santos with every tag of Young Trap Balla' in every street.

Since there were cultural similarities between the Asians and Mexicans and being fluent in Spanish, many of Young Trap Balla's older members allied with Outsidah El Nigga' gang in its early years within their surrounding neighbors. Accounts of Los Santos gang history often placed both Asians and Mexicans side by side with each other during various street wars.​

[Story edited by - Flemmi]​

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Re: Young Trap Balla's ll Gang Application ll

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