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 Administrative Roster

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Server Management

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PostSubject: Administrative Roster   Thu Feb 26, 2015 11:05 pm

[color=#FF0000]Server Management[/color]
Wolly— Director of Development
Sieghart — Director of Administration
Keneddy — Director of Community Affairs

[color=#FF9933]Head Admin​[/color]
Wallace — Head of Faction
WoOzie — Head of Ban Appeals

[color=#006600]Senior Admin[/color]
Soon —Acting Head of Gangs
Soon — Asst. Head of Faction
Soon —Acting Head of Complaints

[color=#FFFF00]General Admin​[/color]
Soon — Complaint Moderator
Soon —Social Media Staff

[color=#00FFFF]Junior Admin​[/color][/color]


[color=#999999]Secret Administration[/color]

[color=#EEEEEE]Non-Gaming Admin[/color]
Soon — Community Advisor
Soon — Forums Requests Moderator
Soon — Community Advisor
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Administrative Roster
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